Episode #164: Destiny  (Song starts at 4:31)

Today has been a beautiful, pristine autumn day. The sort of day where you breathe the air in and think ‘Yes, it’s good to be alive’.

On that note, that’s what I was thinking back in 1991, when I wrote song #198.

But I was also considering the big picture…some things were coming through on the news about conflicts between people and between countries.

I’m pretty much a pacifist, I think. The thought of violence is abhorrent to me.

So I wrote this song, thinking about my future…what sort a future awaited me/us.

Back then I was very keen on sharing my music and art. On reflection, I’m not too sure how successful I was at that. I did gig a lot – and record, but the internet wasn’t there to help back then.

I have been working hard these last 164 weeks, sharing a song on this podcast and sharing paintings, cartoons and writing on my blog, videos on YouTube (my channel is Pete Pascoe Art Music), etc..

Songs sometimes appear to come along ‘out of time’… in 1991, I was asking some big questions about humanity – questions that were equally apt for now – I suppose the lyrics could suit any age, really.

Back then, to a degree, I didn’t really have the language for some of it, given I’d been lucky to grow up in New Zealand, in the relatively peaceful South Pacific. But what I really felt was: it was definitely time for creative endeavours to take centre stage and lift us in a positive manner, leading on into a positive future.

This was a lyrics first, music second song. This was the way I worked back then.

These days, it’s often both music and words at the same time, but I still do write lyrics when I feel inclined – perhaps when I might be away from the piano, and the mood hits me.

It is nice to sit at the piano a few days later, leaf through a few pages and see what’s on offer.

One set of lyrics will often catch my eye and away I go.

What happens? I play, for want of a better word. I allow instinct to take the wheel. All the theory is there as a support, something to draw on. I know how chords interact, what melody notes will fit where.

However, when I’m ‘winging’ a melody, the technical aspects drop to the background. I allow things like emotion to lead the way.

It’s a balance. The theory, as it were, is there like a massive support network.

Anyway, back in 1991, the news came on. Reports about conflicts between people, between countries…. And thought to myself why? Why would we do this? This is what inspired ‘Destiny’.

And I also thought: what do I want to do with my life?… and that pretty much became a line in the chorus.

But I turned it around and asked a question: ‘What do you want to do with your life?’

Looking at the song today, I realised, as an artist, I was directly asking a question of my audience. Interesting..

I’m not sure how often I’ve done this.. I think it’s quite an effective thing to do, engaging the audience (the song Secret Lullabies comes to mind).

I think this song is going to appear on the first ‘Songs from the Song and a Chat Podcast’ album – I’m planning to record piano vocal albums of songs from this podcast. That’ll be fun.

Even with songs that I might have already released on a band album, a piano vocal take and can be a good creative thing to record.

So, back to the beautiful day today, which is was in my neck of the woods.

Right now as ever, there is conflict in the world. But in my day, my surroundings, its was all beaches and sunshine, for which I feel very grateful, indeed.

The way I handle it is: I put as much time and energy as I can muster into producing more music and art – and I’m working equally hard at sharing it each week.

I hope you enjoy the old demo of ‘Destiny’ (piano/vocal). It was fascinating for me to ‘roll’ the old tape and listen back to a much a younger me asking some questions and making some statements.

After you’ve perhaps listened to this episode, if you want to hear more, there’s another 160 odd episodes + I have 12 albums streaming, in a variety of genres, with different people and solo, plus I’m producing a lot of art. So I have a fair bit online for you to look at and listen to. I’m big on lyrics, so I’ve started making lyric videos again, which I allude to on this episode as my song ‘Time Won’t Wait ‘(new lyric video up now) has perhaps a similar message to ‘Destiny’.

You can check lots out each week at There are always links to my work on different platforms here. It’s not a bad place to start, if you’re reading about my music (and art) for the first time, here.

Speaking of which, thanks for reading this and I hope you enjoy having a listen to the ‘Destiny’ episode. Here we go….