Episode #165: Bigger  (Song starts at 4:52)

The lyrics for ‘Bigger’ (song #689) were written in 2015. I remember having them squirrelled away, waiting for the mood to hit me to sit down and write the music – which I did in 2016.

This song has a strong rhythmical element, but it’s absolutely folkrock.

The lyrics all stemmed from the brain wave. ‘It’s bigger than you . . . .and it’s bigger than me’. The pause was always there whenever I thought of the line, before I wrote the music.

While it’s not spoon fed, the gist of the lyrics is this: yes, there are a lot of problems in the world, from personal relationships right through to international relationships between countries. But we’ve just gotta have faith that it will all work out.

How do we find that strength, find that faith? By following our passions, working constantly, which ends up being self therapy, so in effect, we have the power to heal ourselves and that’s the way we are going to heal the world.

So the lyrics are certainly about the bigger picture, then…

The inspiration for this song most likely would have been a news bulletin. I always find them extreme and confronting, when they beam in, as someone’s radio report comes within ear shot.

I tend not to listen to the news reports much. I do keep my ear to the ground – it seems you can read and hear most of which you need to hear about, very quickly, online or via TV, the newspaper, etc.

If we keep an open mind, we can hold a broad, measured view and navigate our way through the world. Everything will turn out ok. That’s what I wanted to say in this song,

In my early 20s, I wanted my music to have healed the world by the time I was, oh, 27… feet not really on the ground, then!

This song comes from an older set of eyes, someone who’s had a bit of experience, has a different view of a similar set of parameters.

The effect of the song, with the strong beat and slide guitar is: there’s a lot of heavy subjects covered here, but it’s delivered in foot tapping way that makes it palatable. Most of the lyrics won’t be caught 1st time around, and that’s just fine by me, as the song writer.

When I did eventually write the music, it came very, very quickly. I recorded a quick demo of one of the verses (which includes the main hook  – chorus line, if you like – must be one of the quickest choruses in history, if that’s the case. I include that demo verse in this episode.

The full version on this episode is track# 4 on the album ‘The Untrodden Track’, by myself and Paul Dredge – which I am unashamedly plugging here. In this day and age it falls to the artist to also provide the ‘bark’ and the ‘vehicle for the bark’, in terms of getting the song heard and noticed. There’s a lot of traffic on that internet.

I’m stoked with the album. I have faith in the songs and I love the arrangements. I think it’s a great listen.

Lookout for more lyric videos for songs from this album on my YouTube channel Pete Pascoe Art and Music.

It’s streaming now, all over the place (ad break over).

Ok, relax and let me entertain you as I sit at my piano and tell you all about Bigger