Between You and Me

Episode #166 Between You and Me   (Song starts at 6:25)

I’m going to take you back to 1994 on this episode, literally.

This week my wife said to me ‘maybe we should have gone on to England ( we’d moved here – Melbourne – in 1997, originally we are from New Zealand. I think we just might get to the UK sometime…).

This made think of the song ‘Between You and Me’. So I thought aha! That’ll do for this week’s podcast episode.

Then I remembered and old cassette tape of me talking in my van at the time I wrote and recorded the demo. Lo and behold I found it straight away in a box in my studio.

So I’ve put together some bits and pieces this week, as I set up the song..and it was fun

As i let the song lead the way, I found myself talking about some of the deeper aspects of life, how there’s so many parallels between learning an art and making it your life and figuring out stuff along the way.

It amazes me what comes off my tongue as I sit at the piano, with the mic on, just going with stream of consciousness.

You build up momentum over the years, when you’re committed to the arts. I am. I wrote 6 songs the day I wrote ‘Between You and Me’…

I think this one’s a good one. I think I might put it on the songs from the podcast album #1. We’ll see.

Of course after the song plays, as usual, I dive into the lyrics, see what’s behind them.

Then I’ll take you through some of the songwriting process – explain some of the steps as we go along.

As I’ve gone along on this podcasting business, it’s amazed me how complicated writing a song really is – the creative process is very involved. And yet it’s simple really.

You just need a good foundation (theory) put into practice (practice), go forward, expect the best – and enjoy yourself along the way.

Being free to create and let go all the way. It’s bit like a recipe for life, really.

It’s a joy, songwriting. And it’s a pleasure to be recording an episode about it each week.

I hope you’re enjoying listening. You’re my audience and I’m so grateful to each and everyone of you for tuning in.

I hope you like this week’s song.

By the way, I’ve got 5 new albums coming along nicely. You’ll get to hear about them of course.

If you’re new hear and you like what you hear on this episode and want to hear more music, I have a dozen albums out solo; and with Paul Dredge (folk rock); and with the Patient Hum band (rock).
You can stream my music on all the usual platforms (Spotify Apple) here’s my bandcamp site — where you can stream, purchase and buy as a gift.

And here’s my weekly blog where you can read the song of the weeks lyrics and view my art, if you like,

Ok. Buckle up and come along for a ride.