Life In One Day

Episode #168: Life In One Day  (Song starts at: 3:20)

I did a gig this week. On the spur of the moment, for my last song, I decided to play ‘Life In One Day’.

The gig was part of the Mornington Winter Music Festival, here on the Mornington Peninsula. I was playing on the street (It went really well. Met some nice people, enjoyed seeing the way music brings people together).

My gig was rescheduled at the last moment. I did let my email list know, but sure enough a lady and her daughter happened to come by, on their way to see me perform, just as I was packing up.

I felt really bad that they’d missed the gig and I tried to think of what I could do to make up for it.

Then tonight I had the brainwave that I might have a go a recording what was the last song of the gig just for these people (well it’s for you as well)

So that’s what you’ll hear on this episode.

You’ll also hear the version from the podcast episode ‘Old Hat In The Sun’.

I composed the song completely in the moment- lyrics included, on the spur of the moment on that episode.

I was writing a song for a younger myself. I was imagining I’d gone back in time to address this younger version of myself …and say: ‘Don’t try to live your life in one day, there’s plenty of time’.

It was an emotional and dare I say, a healing thing to happen. I’m glad I happened to record the whole event.

On this episode, I provide a commentary on where each part came from, what I was thinking, etc.

I’ve also included some relevant audio snippets from earlier this week. About where a song comes from…feeling, etc. Which then leads on to how feelings can give you a story.

There’s a lot of discussion going on at the moment about what effect AI ( artificial intelligence) will have on music. My initial question is:  why the heck are we teaching computers to compose? Shouldn’t this be a sort of almost sacred human experience: going within, communing with ‘all that is’, the muse – spirit, if you will.

With this subject in mind, I demonstrate by composing a quick piece of music (like movie music), to underscore a scenario I suggest of a girl looking across a frozen lake on a cold winter’s day. I’m wondering how AI would go with that sort of an assignment .

So there’s a lot packed in one episode here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I enjoyed recording it.

Here’s my blog where you can find the lyrics…and more music and art:

The song lyric itself is fairly self explanatory in the title. Almost a cliche, really – it’s been done. But this is my version, a twist on a classic theme.

I’m glad the tape was rolling as I composed ‘Life In One Day’ – and I’m glad the tape has been rolling again here in my studio in Melbourne, tonight. Recording these episodes is such pleasure.

Ok here we go. A song and some relaxed chat, yet again. Enjoy.