Cry Your Eyes Out

Episode #172:  Cry Your Eyes Out  (Song starts at

Song #88 was written in New Zealand in 1988. I was up a mountain. I had a ski gig.. playing and singing in the evenings. In the daytime I was skiing. When it rained I either went trout fishing or wrote songs. I also drew 50 cartoon strips about my dog. Pretty much a blissful time. However…

I was lonely, for sure. This song is about missing someone. How crying your eyes out can somehow perhaps be good for you.

‘Cry Your Eyes Out’ is a snapshot of young fellow finding his way in life, being driven on by a passion ( that still drives me on). It’s not the easiest path, you feel stuff and other people around you feel stuff too.

I think maybe my Melbourne band ‘Pete Pascoe and the Patient Hum’ might have another look at this song, after tonight’s episode.

You’ll get to hear a piano/vocal take (recorded as part of the episode, on the fly) ..and a version that was recorded on an old 4 track, 2 months after the song was written, in 1988.

Paul Dredge – my great friend and songwriting buddy – valiantly play a drum machine live, playing the tiny pads with his fingers, keeping up with me on the keyboards, back in the day. We didn’t have a drum kit. Paul plays some funky bass too.

In 1988, we were finding our way with both songwriting and recording. We still are, all these up years later. It’s the best feeling, composing -the sense of mystery and discovery kicks I each time.

(If you want to hear our most recent album, you’ll find it online streaming: The Untrodden Track).

I made a lyric video for ‘Too Dark To See’, which is the 3rd song on the album today. I matched the lyrics with simple cartoons which I draw.

I love all the music and art I’m doing – and I really enjoy recording these podcast episodes.

Now I’m starting to get back into my skin, feet back on the ground, after recording this episode. It’s a winter’s night here in Melbourne Australia. I could have done with keeping the heater on, but I turned it off because I was recording and I didn’t want the background noise.

Why mention the heater? Because it’s taken until now, after 30 minutes of recording, talking, singing and playing the piano, to realise I’m actually freezing.

You’re so focused when you do something creative. I really feel like I’m in another world. This is the state of mind I’ve endeavouring to throw some light on here on this podcast. Not to try to take any of the mystery away – as if I could do that – but just by talking in layman’s terms (with plenty of humour) about how I write a song.

I hope you enjoy hearing about ‘Cry Your Eyes Out’. There’s also an improvised piano solo piece near the end of the episode, which demonstrates how I go about composing. It’s all part of the show.