Can’t Wait That Long

Episode #173: Can’t Wait That Long   (Song starts at  3:55)

Now and then a peaceful sort of feeling will – I was going to say descend on me –  but that’s not quite right. A peaceful feeling will arrive quietly and I’ll find my mood has gently been lifted.

When this happens, I’ll see if there’s some lyrics waiting on the piano, or perhaps in my folder of new words…

I’ll look through a few and generally there’ll be a feeling of ‘ Aha yes, these words fit the bill, that’s what I’m feeling’…

From there, it’s a matter of matching some music to the words. Straight away you get the vibe…

For a song like ‘Can’t Wait That Long’ (which is song #640, composed in 2016), it quickly became apparent that it was going to be a quietly sung song with a gentle lilt.

For a ‘words first, music 2nd’ song, this Is the sort of decision that’s already been made by the words. It almost takes any sort of heat off the situation – after all, the song’s already half written.

This song has a summery afternoon relaxed sort of vibe.

In some respects it’s a ‘smaller’ song… not trumpeting it’s message, like a single of an album. But then, sometimes the quieter songs also have a big message.

It’s starts out from a place of frustration, with the lyrics: ‘Got all these song birds that yearn to fly’…they’re caged up in my songbooks.

This image leads onto wondering at the ups and the downs of the human race through history. So quickly we move on to a big concept, outside of my personal view of the world.

It’s written and sung in a quiet manner, just observing, rather than pushing any agenda – other than: how long have we got? Have we got time in the day to listen to a whole song, and album, someone’s story?

I wrote this song a long time before I even knew what a podcast was. It was at a time when I was frustrated that I’d released so few albums. The years tick by and when you’ve got several hundred songs in the bag, it can start to weigh a little heavy on your mind at times.

Since then, of course, I made the decision to get on an record more music myself – not wait for anyone else to wave a magic wand and make it happen.

‘Can’t Wait That Long’ might just end up on an album sooner,  now that I’ve given it some air on this episode. That’s one of the nice things about this podcast. I’m rediscovering songs I’d forgotten I’d even written.

This is a song that I have played live a bit, particularly when I’ve been doing a solo show and I just want to settle the energy, reconnect with the performer within, deliver the song as an artist. It’s a good one to settle the nerves.

And I think it’s that for the listener too. Somehow everything seems to settle down, worries fall away and your mind wanders with the music.

I think this might be because the words come from a honest place. They’re true. Consequently, when it came to adding the melody and the chords, it came together very quickly indeed.

But It’s a peaceful thing writing a song. There is no rush.

I wish more people would take the time to listen to entire songs, whole albums more. Everyone’s streaming  sort of unrelated songs that sort of blend into a background sound.

Me, I like putting an album on and taking the time to listen closely from go to woah.

I hope you enjoy this gentle episode. There’s a bit more piano solo improvisation just at the end, too, to demonstrate how a feeling can provide the start.

And a start is all you need.

Here we go…’Can’t Wait That Long’. I enjoyed singing and playing this one and then it was fun  looking into why I like it so much.

It’s a joy being songwriter. You have the pleasure of writing it, then there’s even more pleasure rediscovering it whenever you perform it for someone – this time, it’s for you. Thanks for tuning in this week. Enjoy!

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