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Old Hat In The Sun / Life In One Day

Episode #82: Old Hat In The Sun / Life In One Day    (Songs start at 6:18 & 22:07) Hi there. I’m writing these show notes immediately after recording this episode (which is what I normally do) … Although I also normally listen back through as the recording ‘bounces’, ready to be put online as a … Continue reading Old Hat In The Sun / Life In One Day

Sunset Journey

Episode #13: Sunset Journey – (Song at 9:43 & 22:55) I’m really enjoying recording these episodes. This song came about after a drive down to the beach with friends. We wanted to catch the sunset. It was early winter. As it turned out, we timed it really well. The tide was out, the sun was … Continue reading Sunset Journey

Work Song

Episode #153: Work Song   (Song starts at 2:24) We are heading back in time on this episode, way back to 1986 when I wrote ‘Work Song’. This was song #11. At the time. I was working in a music shop – a short stint, as it turned out. I really wasn’t cut out to do … Continue reading Work Song

Sure Does Fly

Episode #146: Sure Does Fly  (Song starts at 5:22)  Relationships are often the catalyst for spot of songwriting. Going way back to to 1987 now. I wrote this song for my brother. It’s quite a personal song, focussing on old memories – particularly an image of a summer evening in New Zealand from my childhood. … Continue reading Sure Does Fly

Everybody’s Sleeping

Episode #135: Everybody’s Sleeping     (Song starts at 5:02) Hi there & welcome. I’ll tell you what, I was really relaxed when I recorded this episode. I’ve been doing a bit of exercise… I mowed the lawns today. But apart from that, I went for a bit of a bush walk. I’ve included some audio … Continue reading Everybody’s Sleeping

The Long Haul

Episode#129:  The Long Haul    (Song starts at 5:05) It’s been a long time since I wrote the song Secret Lullabies. I use the riff as my theme music for these episodes. That particular song was song number 3. The long haul is song number 614. I wrote it in 2014. Yes, there’s been a … Continue reading The Long Haul

Lonely Path

Episode #110:  Lonely Path  (Song starts at 7:03) I enjoyed singing and playing Lonely Path live for today’s episode. I do this sometimes. Other times I’ll select an old demo or maybe an album track. It adds variety along the way. It’s all a work in progress. I played a gig today – and yesterday … Continue reading Lonely Path

Fingers In The Trees

Episode #106: Fingers In The Trees  (Song starts at 5:52 & 26:00) Autumn is a great time of year. It’s a season which really resonates with me for some reason. I was camping in Bright, Victoria recently, camping by a stream (which you’ll get to listen to in this episode). The trees were all losing … Continue reading Fingers In The Trees

Everything Comes To An End

Episode #80: Everything Comes To An End  (Song starts  4:16) Hi there, thanks for stopping by and checking out the show notes for today’s episode.  This podcast is where you’ll get to hear a how a song comes together and gain an insight into what makes a songwriter tick. It’s proving to be an ongoing … Continue reading Everything Comes To An End

It’s True

Episode #79: It’s True     (Song at 6.25) Welcome to a very mellow, slightly mysterious sounding episode. This week’s featured song has that sort of a vibe about it.  Song #60, written in 2014, came about a few days after a fishing expedition. It was a moonlit evening and I set off after sunset.  In … Continue reading It’s True